LOEV [Live Online Events] Group project proposal enabling a new way of conceiving knowledge: a live community creating strong ideas in real time by remote participation in seminars and conferences. Loev acts on live online broadcasting events and shares it to a multiple universe of portable devices. Installation presented at Future Places festival exhibition, project commended by the jury for "commercial potential".

Insight Out Participation in the Interactive Documentary workshop led by Karen Kocher, resulting in the urban portrait "Insight Out", a 3' documentary inspired in urban city simphonies, followed by the creation of the website with Moisés Coelho.

Spinning Trees Participation in the Webcam Lab workshop led by Massimo Cittadini, resulting in the interactive video "Spinning Trees", an environment that make us look up and meet the top of the trees that move around according to activity detected through the webcam; playful memories may arouse and suggest an escape in time and space.

Interface Design for Mobile Devices workshops with Nuno Correia at Future Places | Mobile devices and network infrastructures open the possibility for new forms of information access or storytelling while visiting physical places. By exploring user interface design opportunities and challenges for different devices, participants had the opportunity to develop a project in user interface design and information structuring for exploring a physical location, the Serralves Foundation in Porto. 2008 outcomes | 2009 outcomes

InStory Collaboration with the Interactive Multimedia Group coordinating interface design by Rute Frias| This project supports a radically new form of narratives that are navigable in space. Mobile storytelling, information access and gaming activities. PDA, mobile phone, and Web interfaces. Interaction in the real world. Cultural heritage as an application area.

HyperReal Collaboration with the Interactive Multimedia Group on interface design with Bruno Krippahl | Hypermedia and Narratives in augmented and mobile environments. Augmented Views combine real video and synthetic elements; the user has the option to “enter” the painting immersive views.

FBAUL website Coordination for the redesign of the website of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon – FBAUL [2005 to 2009], including the collaboration of Communication Design students.

Multimedia Programming Course taught at FBAUL [2007-08] | Website template presenting projects developed by students.

Introduction to Multimedia Course taught at FBAUL [2005-08] | Website template presenting projects developed by students.

Interface Design for Interactive Television Project launched in Portugal in 2000 – examples developed include "Sic Notícias", "Sol Música" and "Jardim da Celeste".

Books and exhibition catalogues design Graphic Design examples created at Atelier B2 include catalogue for the Portuguese Pavillion at worldwide exhibition Expo'98 in Lisbon, catalogue for the "Crowning Glory" exhibition at the Newark Museum and catalogue for the "Vasco da Gama et l'Inde" exhibition at Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.